The Small Things in my Life


Finding old school stuff trapped inside your shelf

I just found my ninth standard exam question paper!

My book rack was stuck for some reason. Got a torch and looked inside. There were some book trapped inside that blocked the shelf from being closed. I put in my hand to remove two screws that held the rack in place. Doing so reminded me of old school days when I had to unscrew them at least every week because of a trapped book. There was a sense of beauty in this that I cannot explain. The past rushing and all.

Finally I unscrewed it and took out the rack. I pulled out the trapped books. Along with it came the biggest surprise for me. A question paper of mine from my ninth standard. Seven year old paper. I moved schools, colleges and finding the name of my old school written like that was really a sight to see. There was also a third standard question paper of my sister, which was over ten years old.

Memories! Life is made up of many of such beautiful memories.

  • TRY: Digging through your old school stuff, you’ll be surprised.

The peaceful country side

Unobstructed view, cool breeze and greenery everywhere. The country side is always a great place to relax.

"A place is only as good as the people you meet there", and this is really the reason behind the homely feel you get in villages. In remote areas, untouched by city lives, the people are less self centered. One feels the warmth of people.

The coming generations are being brought up more and more in cities. Wonder if our grandsons will even have the luxury of seeing a village.

  • TRY: Visiting a nearby village

Midnight bath

Oh yes, if you haven’t tried, do it.

A bath in cold water, just before you go to bed. And then, curling under a bed sheet, soaking in all the coldness of the night. There isn’t a thing as good as this.

  • TRY: Taking a shower in the midnight, just before bed.


The real reason one enjoys sleep is this, dreams. A magical place that still remains a mystery. A place where you are disconnected from everything and everyone.

In dreams you can be anyone, a superstar, a musician, anyone. There are no strings attached and you never feel guilty for anything. Even if you kill your enemy, you won’t feel any regrets. That is the beauty of dreams.

It is a pity that people start to forget dreams as they grow older. “Grown men do not believe in dreams”, so are be being educated out of our dreams? I do not not know. But I do believe in dream, and I still retain some of my dreams after waking up. Don’t disregard them. No, I’m not asking you to believe dreams to be your future or the truth. But let them play out. Le them relax you. Let dreams show you a world that you never saw.

  • TRY: Writing down your dream as soon as you wake up


That wonderful time, lying on the bed, eyes closed, ears resting, breath peaceful. Even the thought of going to sleep is beautiful.

Your eyes are heavy, your brain is saying, “sleep”. Your hands are still, legs are tired, the slow hum of the fan, singing you a lullaby.

Yes, it is time. Go to that magical land. Where there are no worries, no tensions. A place of peace. Have a wonderful sleep.

  • Good night


Another day to the “wasted-days”. Spent the entire day staring at a computer, surfing, watching films, working on some of my shots and before you know it, it near twelve in the mid-night. Well time flies.

I did smile today watching on-screen comedy, but that is it. Nothing to “TRY” today, nothing to give you a reason to smile, just plane wasted time. Let your time not be wasted reading this stupid blog!

Movie with company

Long queues in front of the ticket counter, hushes and pushes, running to get the best seat, and finally waiting for the movie to start. Something to rejoice indeed.

Train Journey

Train journey is fun (if you get a nice window seat, or a seat at least). You never know who’d be sitting next to you. Who knows, someday a hot girl might be the one next to you.

Just think, had there been no trains, we’d be walking for days to make a simple 5 hour train journey. Our predecessors did. Thanks to inventions we don’t to do that anymore.

Train journey through Kerala is in fact a treat for the eyes. Though I’ve never traveled afar by trains, I’ve been told that you can find such greenery only here in God’s Own Country. Here you find vast green fields, mountains on top of another, giant river bodies, coconut trees by the river banks, small man rowed boats, cows and bulls gracing.

If you have never been to Kerala, do take a week out of your schedule to see this place. Not all are gilts and glamour here. We do have our own share of stinks and potholes. A coin should have two sides right.

  • TRY: A journey through Kerala by train

Long walk with friends

Kilometers reduces to meters, hours shrink to minutes. It always is fun to walk with them. May there be no road, may there be no light, it still seems like child’s play with friends.

  • TRY: Taking a walk home with your friend

The usual in an un-usual way

Have you tried walking to your college/office? Tried something different? No, I’m not asking about doing different things, but doing your usual things in a different way. Bathing sitting on a chair for a change?

Sounds ridiculous right, but give it a try. This will help you identify those things in your life that you take for granted, which you’d never have seen unless you had lost it. Get my point? Try to find those things that you do everyday, just like anyone else in the world. Look for them, and try doing them in a different way, an unusual way.

For one, it can help you think out of the box, which will work on your creativity. Very few realize the important of creativity. It is not just limited to artists and painters. Even a 9 to 9 watchman can benefit from a little creativity. Once your brain start looking for a difference, it sees more of them, and you start seeing the World through new eyes. Give it a try.

  • TRY: Doing the usual in an un-usual way